Ambon: The City by The Sea

Ambon, the city by the sea, is one of the cities in Indonesia that has the most beautiful beaches.

Raja Ampat, Heaven Fell to Earth, Indonesia

In recent years, the name of Bali for foreign tourists may have not become a major tourist destination again if they want to Indonesia. Now comes the other destinations that might be more interesting than Bali, the islands of Raja Ampat.

Hunger Games Tour Package

Hunger Games is the most sought movie today and has achieved box office in just a few days. But now, you not only can watch this film, but you can also feel a challenge to play Hunger Games.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mustache Tourism in Turkey

If you've been to South Korea, surely you know that there offer plastic surgery for tourists who want it. However, in Turkey there is another offer, the mustache and beard transplant.

As you know, in Arab countries in general, facial hair is associated with masculinity, status, and power. If you do not have a mustache or beard, you will have difficulty in social relationships.

Transplantation of mustache and beard has long offered to people who want facial hair, and is increasingly popular.

Travelers who are interested in with a mustache and beard transplant in Turkey at the most coming from United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq.